Enable gzip compression for Rails 3.2 on heroku Cedar

Heroku is the popular ruby on rails PAAS hosting platform. With the earlier versions, if you were hosting a rails web application on it. All apps deployed to Heroku used to automatically compress pages they serve, by passing through Nginx’s gzip filter on the way out. But with their newest Cedar Stack, things have changed

In Cedar, the HTTP requests terminates directly at your app server & no longer goes through a proxy server(Nginx), hence there can’t be automatic gzip compression. More information about this can be found in HTTP routing dev center article So we have to manage gzip compression on our own. fortunately, this is trivial as adding just one line to your config. basically, you will need to use Rack::Deflater **& make sure that it get loaded before ActionDispatch::Static. The simplest way to enable gzip compression in Rails 3.2 is by adding “use **Rack::Deflater” in config.ru file.

After the change, this how your config.ru file should look like:


This file is used by Rack-based servers to start the application.

require ::File.expand_path(‘../config/environment’, FILE) use Rack::Deflater run Improvingoutcomes::Application [/ruby]

I spending sometime gather information about this. So Hope this post help you save some time.