How-To Fully Disable Caching in Drupal 7

Caching helps to cut the load on server & increase server speed. Hence, Drupal comes with caching build-in at various levels. there will be situations where,  you may want to disable ALL caching like I was doing some module development and without clearing out the caches the changes were not visible. So, I had to disable caches.  Incase, you too want to disable Caching for say for development - here below

  1. Go to Site Configuration -> Performance:
* Set the following options, and click _Save configuration_:

  * **Caching mode:** Disabled

  * **Minimum cache lifetime:** none

  * **Page compression:** Disabled

  * **Block cache:** Disabled

  * **Optimize CSS files:** Disabled

  * **Optimize JavaScript files:** Disabled

* Click _Clear cached data_.
  1. Go to Site building -> Views -> Tools:
* Check _Disable views data caching_ and click _Save configuration_.

* Click _Clear Views' cache_.
  1. Install the Devel module, and go to Site Configuration -> Devel settings:
* Check _Rebuild the theme registry on every page load_ and click _Save configuration_.
  1. Add the following to your .module file to disable menu caching


function hook_init(){ //FIXME: remove before going into production menu_rebuild(); }[/php]

With this, now ALL caching in drupal will disabled. Enjoy quicker development & don’t forget to undo these changes once your site goes into production!