Truth behind Petrol price in India

Media has been constantly talking about rising crude oil prices and how the Govt is facing losses.

Take a look this simple maths to check if they are right or wrong:

1) Currently, International crude oil prices are around US$ 109 per barrel or Rs.5,360/- INR. $1 = Rs49.17 current exchange rate 2) Each barrel contains about 158.76 litres of oil. 3) crude oil costs R_s33.76_ per lite(5360/158.76) + add the cost of refining it to petrol which is 6.52 paise per litre + cost of transportation (Rs 6) + petrol pump’s commission (Rs 1.05) = 47.33(Total cost)

so, price should Rs47.33/L but Govt charged price is Rs73/L…how? well, rest all are Taxes imposed by our own Govt!!

Bhai, It seems you have fallen victim of this media created propaganda! Govt is NOT losing money, instead the earn thousands of crores in taxes on petrol!!!

Wake UP India, Don’t get confused!