learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from scratch

Many of times I keep talking about advance JavaScript or various other technologies that might not be geared towards beginners. And the most common feedback I get by emails from my readers is that they want to learn the basics of web development and are confused on where to start. If they should take classes,buy a book etc. But there I am suggesting a different approach to  learn the very basics of web-development – the basic building of the web. by Watching Cool Videos!

Client Side Web At its Core, it powered by three technologies

HTML: Gives out the meaning

CSS: Styling & Presentation

JavaScript: Defines Behavior of the page

Now,I am not going to record video myself because Google has done a excellent job at this. so Here they are:


HTML Presentation

HTML Exercise

CSS Presentation

CSS Walkthrough

CSS Exercise

JavaScript Presentation


Download lesson exercises supporting files

All credit goes to Google