Spam just got smarter

Hello everyone

just got a this spam email which is interesting read even for spam message. so sharing it here:

hello how are you today, My Name is Samantha i am single girl, never married, i am 165cm tall,chocolate skinned, i am looking for a man who can be a true friend, and found your profile on ( ) and became interesting in you, and i have the mind, that you could be a nice person. so I will like you to contact me back through my email..( )

So that i will send you my photo and give you full explanation about myself, And remember age and distance should not be a barrier to find true friendship, it should not limit us from discovering, the beauty that lies in between us OK,  have a nice day.  as i am waiting to hear from you soon,

Yours Friend


I have traced back the source of the email by its IP address to an African country called Senegal. it seems some dude in that west African, ex french colony is in the business of fooling people from around the  world.