Facebook is Evil

Facebook is EvilFacebook is Evil and is using users information for its own selfish uses without even informing users. And Before you term me as “Facebook Hater”. I am confess, I use facebook everyday from past 2-3years. It helps me stay in touch. Its good but some of its policies are just wrong on moral grounds.

Why I think Facebook is an Evil Empire. Just 2 Simple reasons:

  1. Data LockDown:You can easily enter your information in Facebook but can’t get it out. suppose you want to get email address of all your friends on Facebook and use , YOU CAN’T! And worse, Facebook has this thing written in stone which they call Terms of Service

  2. Sudden Account Block: Facebook has a habit of suddenly blocking/disabling accounts WITHOUT giving any specific reason and when you try to contact when asking reason behind suspension, they just don’t bother to reply back. Which means you have create an new account and start all over again.

Please Facebook, Don’t Be Evil;)