Indian Startup PhoneCurry hopes to be Indian Version of GsmArena with latest price data

Finding a mobile phone is tough job and needs lots of research as they are too many options available. thankfully we can visit mobile websites like GSMArena which are ultimate resource for latest information about mobile phones. I am sure many of you might have used in the past for getting information about a particular mobile phone you are interested in buying.

But there is two problems for Indian consumers, GSMArena does not display Indian prices. so often you are left wondering if the particular handset you like would fit in your budget. Another Problem, many phones listed on GSMArena are not even launched in India yet.

This is where PhoneCurry comes to rescue all our Indian consumers. Sahil Bajaj, IIT graduate who quit his job at KPMG & founded a mobile phone information website whose sole aim is answer the question we often seem to be asking - Which Mobile Phone Should I Buy?

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PhoneCurry is made exclusively for India, so all prices are in rupees.Just tell your budget(eg. Rs5-6,000/-), what all features you want(Wifi,Touch screen etc) and any brand preference(e.g Nokia Only) and voila! - you get phones that fit in your budget. According to me, the site design looks boring at first but surprisingly  works pretty once you start using it. prices are fairly accurate as they are sourced from multiple sources. They do have User & Expert Opinion, Third party reviews but its not detailed. you might want to visit Official website for more details. another feature I miss is 360 degree view. But Overall its a Excellent Mobile phone finding tool with Indian perspective

So if you are in market for a new phone and do give a try PhoneCurry.

**Link: **PhoneCurry - Find the best mobile phone for yourself