Run Facebook Chat directly from Desktop(New method)

Ever wanted to use Facebook chat without logging into Facebook website? Looking are a Desktop application for Facebook chat? Do you hate Facebook chat because it makes your browser go crazy ? If answer is “Yes” then Read On…

Recently, Facebook has enabled support for XMPP/Jabber protocol which means that now you can using standalone Instant Messengers like Pidgin(Works on Windows,Mac & Linux),iChat(Mac only).  This works on Windows,Linux and Mac on any application that support jabber protocol.

here I would demonstrate to do this on Windows with pidgin.

Step 1) Set your Facebook username by going here. if your profile url is then xxxxx will be your username. please remember it, we will need in later steps.

Step 2) Download & install Pidgin: Pidgin is Open Source IM App which can be freely downloaded from Please visit the site and download & Install. Installation is pretty straightforward - typical windows style. Just keep Clicking Next,Next,Next and pidgin would be install automatically.

Strep 3) Configuration: now Launch Pidgin. you will be greeted with Account Dialog Box  click on “Add Account” to a facebook account

Step 4) Now in Add Account Screen, enter the following & leave rest to default:

Step 5) In the Advanced Tab, Do the following

Step 6) Click on Save and wait for few seconds while pidgin connects to facebook. If you have configured the settings correctly then you should be able to see this:

Congrats! you can start chatting with your friends rightway

Bonus Tip:Pidgin supports multiple protocols. so you can also add your GTalk,Yahoo Messenger or MSN accounts same way you added your Facebook account and chat on all of them at the same time. no need to install separate client program for each protocols.  Great Nice eh?