Google's New Year Gift to me

I just got New year gift from Google, something I have been waiting for over a year now. Finally it arrived via Blue-Dart Courier. it was the first thing I saw when I woke on 1 Jan 2010, at 1:00PM(late due to new year bash).So, curious to know what the gift is?

It is my adsense payment cheque, since its my first. so I am pretty excited about it. although, the amount is small but it means to me alot as it has been entirely generated by Gaurish Sharma Live & as you all might know this site has a special place in my heart .  I am thankful to all my readers who did read my random chatter and provided constant feedback so that I would improve.  here is a mandatory picture proof:

Lastly, I would wish you all **A Very Happy New Year 2010, Have a great year ahead! **

**keep reading, there is more to come from my twisted mind.