Indian Govt makes Registration of Wi-Fi Compulsory for all

wifi-terrorThere is a recent circular issued by Department of Telecommunications to all Internet service providers.According to this circular, Dot has instructed ISPs that every Individual/Company using Wireless Services have to Compulsorily register their Wi-Fi equipment with their Internet provider; failing their service would be disconnected. the copy of circular can be downloaded from dot’s website.

The main points given in circular are:-

This move is implemented because of security concerns of repeated unauthorized usage by terror groups. But what surprises me is that there is no mention of creating awareness about wireless security encryption in whole circular.what really needed is banning open networks and encourage usage of stronger wireless encryption standards like WPA2 which cannot be easily defeated. if you have Wi-Fi network, i strongly appeal you to make it secure by using encryption – Read How to Secure your Wi-Fi networks.

Even if the Govt manages to create a database of all wireless internet subscribers in  Country. If is going to stop terrorist from using Wi-Fi networks?The answer is sadly “NO”. Instead this move would be a hassle for all ISPs and their customers. Also the person from whom the mail had been sent would land into trouble for sheer ignorance.

Anyways, as this a Govt directive – everyone has to follow it. ISPs have already started informing their subscribers.  Tata Broadband recently send an E-mail informing to all their subscribers . expect other ISPs like Bsnl,Airtel to follow.

what we really need to do is to educate people about risks of open Wireless networks and press them to use wireless encryption.

What your take on Wi-Fi security concerns and its usage in terror attacks?