[Tuesday Tornado] Get Sony Ericsson F305 Mobile Phone for just 8 Rupees!

IN.com has announced a promotional offer under which they are offering a high end products like mobiles,i-pod for less than 1% of its market value. Under this promotional offer, a new product will be offered for sale every tuesday for a nominal monetary value like Rs9. Winner would be decided on first-come-first-serve basis and there would be only one winner.tuesday-tornado-gslive-10feb

This weeks Product is Sony Ericsson F305 Mobile phone which costs around 8,000/- in market, but under this offer you can get this for Rs.8/-.Last Tuesday, they have offered a Appple i-pod whose winner was Mr. Arpith Patil.

To Participate in the Contest you have visit Offer Page and click on **Buy Now. **Presently the “Buy now” button is grayed but it would be enabled at 11 Feb 3:00 PM IST

To win this contest you need pure luck and nothing else. no participation fees is to be paid nor there are any hidden charges. just  go and click on “Buy Now” button before everyone else!. there is no harm in trying your luck as you got nothing to lose here

Best Of Luck folks!

Link:Tuesday Tornado Offer Page

[Update] The Offer is now Over!, will notify when new contest starts