Secure Your Google Account

[caption id=”attachment_161” align=”aligncenter” width=”311” caption=”Google Accounts Password Recovery”]Google Accounts Password Recovery[/caption]

Almost everyone using Internet these days have atleast one Google Account.many people like me have multiple google accounts. your Google Account is the gateway to lots of services we use daily. to be able to use any google service you need a google account. the popular google services are Gmail - E-mail,Orkut - Social Networking,Blogger - Blogging,Youtube - Video Sharing,Adsense - Advertising etc. these are a few to name but there would many more service you would be using.

Imagine the horror of waking up one day and finding that you cannot access your account, now you cannot check your E-mail or new scraps. Neither you can post to on your dear blogger blog or check how many clicks your blog generated yesterday. Even you Youtube Subscriptions updates are long gone! In Short a Total disaster !! So our Google Account is very valuable to all of us and we should do everything possible to protect it. Therefore I am going to list a few preventive & post-attacks measures you should take.

**Preventive Action: **Some Common Tips to keep your account Secure

What To Do When Your Google Account is Hacked or you can’t access it for some reason

Some Great Man has said ‘Prevention is better than Cure!’, So even if you google is not compromised, please follow all the preventive steps i have listed. so incase if you need to reset your account, you would ready with all the relevant information needed!