[Howto] Understanding HDD's Model Naming Convention

Ever wondered why Hard drive model carry 10-14digit string, why not simple names. because model number of a hard drive can say lot of information about it e.g storage capacity,cache size & connector interface.storage companies use a set of conventions

Understanding a model no. would help you know about features of it by simply checking it label & you would no longer have to be dependent on not-so-informed salesman in your local shop. many times there are different model no. of exact same capacity but they differ in cache size which has a direct result on performance. more cache means faster performance

Now we will try to understand model number of various hard drives from different manufacturers.

Note: i would discuss only about consumer series internal hard drives from popular manufacturers. discussing others are beyond the scope of this guide.

Where do i find model no? Its written clearly on faceplate of hard drive with bold characters along the serial no and other information like date of manufacturing etc.


sample model number:ST3500630AS we break is as: ST-3-500-6-30-AS

Link:How to interpret Seagate model numbers

2) Western Digital

sample model number::WD6400AAKS we break it as: WD-640-0-A-A-K-S

WD:Company initials

640: drive capacity in Gigabytes. its a 640GB drive

A:Form factor.


K:RPM/Buffer Size or Attribute S:Interface Type