Strike the Correct Balance

Dear Readers,

As you might have noticed by diminishing flow of post in blog, I have been rarely active on Internet in previous months.due to this, this blog is being neglected. so what I have been doing?

I have been trying to set my life on correct track; setting a goal and being devoted to achieve that goal no matter how hard it is and whatever it takes. previously, I used to do so many things together, but i was never able to master them as my mind was diverted.

Now I always try to stay focused on the task in hand, rather worrying about what’s coming up next. this one thing has helped me lot. These days i spend my time doing constructive things, things which you after 5years, can look and say “I made this”. So from now on i would be avoiding IRC,IM and alike’s.

I want to convey all the readers of this blog, this blog has a special place in my heart and will stay active for longtime. sometimes new post may not come as early as you have expected it to, will flow of posts on this blog would go on…..I guess its all about Strike the Correct Balance between things you do, suddenly life becomes very simple.

Interesting, this blog is now going to be 6month old. So if you have any comments,feedback or complaints. Please leave them as commented below or contact me via e-mail at:

contact at gaurishsharma dot com

Next post coming up is about “New age Internet Banking service”.

Stay Tuned!

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