Everything About BSNL EvDO Data Card

What is Evdo Data Card?

In Simple terms, EvDo is a Technology which works on CDMA networks and it provides high speed Internet access on Mobile. it can also be termed as Mobile Broadband since you don’t have stick at one place, you can move freely move and still be able to check your e-mail as long as you are in coverage area. Just like you do with GRPS service with your mobile phone. A much more, technically correct definition is given below:- Evolution-Data Optimized(Evdo) is a telecommunications standard for the wireless transmission of data through radio signals, typically for broadband Internet access. It is based on CDMA Technology.The EV-DO feature of CDMA2000 networks provides access to mobile devices with forward link air interface speeds of up to 2.4 Mbit/s with Rev. 0 and up to 3.1 Mbit/s with Rev. A.

What are Features of Bsnl Evdo?

What is the cost of BSNL EVDO service?

BSNL EVDO is an unlimited bandwidth service, which means you can use as much as you want, there are no data limits on the service. you just have to pay the monthly rental of Rs.650/-. its Truly Unlimited service, no extra costs

Do I need any special Device to use this service?

You can need EVDO wireless usb modem/card. Bsnl currently gives EV-DO card AC8700 by ZTE Mobile Tech.This device stylish device plug directly in USB port of your computer/laptop.It Weights about 40g.The device costs 3,500 Rs.(May vary +/- few Rs in few regions). In case you don’t want to purchase it outright, you have a rental option available. Here are a few pics of the Device

Can I see a complete Traffic card, which its all the charges i have to pay?

When i went to bsnl office for enquiry of the service, i was given a Tariff card. the same has been upload for your kind reference. I got this card from BSNL jaipur, so Charges maybe slightly different for different states. BSNL Data Card Tariff

BSNL Data Card Tariff

Presently, in which cities service is available?

Please contact your nearest exchange for availability.unofficial list BSNL EVDO Enabled Cities in India

Does this device work with Mac & Linux?

Yes, it works with Mac & Linux.

How do I get the BSNL EVDO service?

You need to visit the main BSNL office in your area to get EVDO connection.In Jaipur,Rajasthan. I went to Bajaj Nagar Telephone Exchange but before you get your own connection, please ask them for a demonstration. Also, ask them but the coverage details & what likely speeds would get in your area.

What is CDMA 1x ?

CDMA 1x is the previous version or the older version of EVDO which has speed upto 144kbps. As EvDO is still in Nascent stage of deployment very few areas have Evdo BTS (base transmitting stations), rest are still CDMA 1x. If BTS near you is not Evdo enabled then you will get CDMA 1x speeds of upto144kbps.

What about the speeds & performance**? **

Speeds & Performance depend on Signal Strength which varies place to place . some people have reported to get about 1.5mbps speed and some only get around 100kbps only. so i would suggest you to contact your nearest local exchange and ask for a live demo. here is a brief account of my personnel experience.

Troubleshooting EvDo Connectivity

ZTE Device comes with LED light which shows us status of Internet connectivity. it has 2 colors & various states which inform us about the current network. Additionally, top bar of bundled ZTE application provides a lot of useful information on current connection state. For a Smooth working Connection, you have have minimum 3 signal bars, else would face connectivity problems.

Special Note for torrent & Rapidshare Users; Others can skip this

In Bsnl EvDO you aren’t directly connected to Internet.instead you are connected to a Proxy server on bsnl’s network which has a private IP, in 10.xx.xx.xx range. that proxy server then connects to Internet Gateway aka National Internet Backbone. so as a result, proxy server blocks all incoming connections to it, except those coming from known ports like port 80,443 etc.Every Proxy server has a unique Public IP address, and all subscribers connected to it will share that Public IP address. Its entirely different from convention when every Subscriber has unique Public Ip address This Approach was two shortcomings:




Bsnl Evdo is good service with gives excellent speeds on the move comparing to other alternatives like GPRS. The technology involved is quite new in India, this can be judged from the fact the DOT has not issued any format licenses for 3G CDMA. when licenses are issues we would expect similar roll outs from other operators also. I would recommend people to try this service atleast once, if they find it suitable they should subscribe to it Further Reading:

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