Bsnl iControl IPTV service in Jaipur

Its been a while since Bsnl made foray into TV broadcasting industry, with its new IPTV service. IPTV does the same thing what DTH and cable service does(Telecast TV channels to your homes). the only difference is it delivered by copper made telephone cable.we need to remember that that Bsnl is a telecom company, so it can’t directly provide service
The iControl service is provided by a company named “Aksh Optifibre Limited” using bsnl’s network. BSNL has signed a MOU with Aksh under which it has entitled Aksh to use its extensive & vast network with a huge broadband subscriber base. all the resources like hardware,support,content for providing such a service have to be arranged by Aksh. bsnl will only manage billing; which means installation & complaints would be directly handled by Aksh and the charges for service would come in your telephone bill.the main problem with such a setup is that there no single entity responsible for service, so customer may get confused whom to complaint. Also Aksh is a company who primary business is manufacturing optic fibre cables,so it has little experience in this field but aksh is pretty serious of IP TV and the company is betting big in the emerging IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) segment in India.
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