Internet Explorer ki CD hai kya?

For my Non-hindi speaking friends, this Translates into “Do you have Internet Explorer in CD”.

here is a Brief conversation a Girl & Guy at some college situated at Jaipur:

(_a Girl wearing pink top and pale blue jeans Walks up to guy, Armed with hair comb in one hand and a laptop on shoulder. she unfolds her hair & ties it again for unknown reasons.the guy is busy reading LFYMag. Just then Girl Breaks his concentration and demands immediate attention. _)


Girl(in a casual manner):Hi, Internet Explorer ki CD hai kya?


Girl(Firmly):you don’t know what is internet explorer?

Boy: No, Please enlighten me.

Girl: its a Operating system.

Boy: Yes, IE is world greatest Os, it would be its insult to the-greatest-OS, if it was to be distributed in cheepo Media/CDs

Girl(puzzled):  Then how do i Install Internet Explorer in Vista?

Boy(Singals her to open laptop): It appears magically when a User wants to use it and disappears when not in use.

Girl: i think so, as till yesterday there it was a blue  “E” icon on my Desktop. now it has disappeared since i am not using do i call it back?

Guy:close your eyes and wait for magic.

_Meanwhile he restores deleted shortcut from recycle bin and Internet Explorer Icon  appears on desktop. _

Girl:wow, you are so good with Computers. amazing!

Guy:err….what did i do?

_Girl says Thank you and walks off. Guy resumes reading an article about Python programming in _LFYMag