And That's the First Year that just passed.......

YAY!…I am in second year now. I have almost(results not out yet) passed by first year in college. what a year it has been, I made friends & had fun and whoa it just went. I never realized time can pass so fast.

I still remember my first day as college,freshly out of school, I was little hesitant to go as I didn’t knew anyone there. but soon things changed I made some new friends and things were fun. you know it is in First year college a sort of total carefree attitude that guys have. we used to skip some classes and didn’t realize the mistake were making until exams came and terror stuck!!. then we studied for day nights and just filled the answer sheets.

Anyhow, exams are also finished now, it time for a new optimistic restart by which I aim to update my skill-set and add value countable value to myself.

One more reason I am so exited this time papers are interesting. Complete Syllabus can be seen here.

I am little disappointed with Rajasthan University for not updating its course since we are still studying things Foxpro & Visual Basic but then again it would be useful as some core concepts learned here would apply in RDMS. I am happy to have TCP/IP stack as I always wanted to know about it but lacked motivation to do so. However studying Digital Electronics will challenge for me. it has lot of “stuff” which need in depth understanding of subjects taught in previous year but who likes Life without challenges.

Additional I am planning to stress more on Java Programming Language and little on Visual C as I feel java is more widely implemented and would be value addition in my resume.

Although it hard to perfect everything but lots of hard work with some luck would do the trick.

Wish me Luck :)

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