Ubuntu Linux as Family PC

We know Linux is a operating system where everything can be customized as tag line for linux is “Linux - We Have a Choice”. this way a person can get a tailor made working environment which does all the tasks in his/her way, he can schedule his daily encoding & downloading tasks,made custom keyboard shortcuts for his most used function.

This generally suits a single user Pc, but what about a system used by many persons in a single user account?, for them we need some customisations that does not need any prior expriance & comouter could be operated by use of common sense. now you would ask why use a single user account?, why not create accounts for every user. here are the reasons:-

Question :
How to Manage a single user account which suits everyone in your family

Manage Thundebird & Firefox using Profile Manager
Mozilla applications store your personal settings, added extensions and themes, and user data such as bookmarks, passwords, cookies and mail in a “profile”. The Profile Manager allows you to create and manage profiles. With a new profile the application will run without any extensions, themes, or customized settings that may be causing problems, but you can still import your data from another profile or switch back to a previous profile.
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