Intel CPU Price Cuts to Come on July 20 - 45nm Dual Cores to be affected

It looks like this hot summer will become more bearable for us regular folks, thanks to a couple of initiatives coming from some of the biggest hardware manufacturers. As you might know, AMD and NVIDIA have already started to downsize the price tags for their graphics cards lineups, and Intel is soon to get in the game of price cuts as well. However, since Intel is not yet a competitor in the discrete graphics department, it can only lower the
prices for the central processing units.

Initially, it was said that Intel’s CPUs would see the first price cut come August 10, but according to recent reports, it seems the company can’t wait until then. This basically means that Intel’s fans should be on the lookout for much cheaper processors staring with July 20. The news isn’t yet confirmed and the exact numbers haven’t been made public so far, but computer users should definitely have something to wait for - according to sources, the July price cuts should affect both boxed and tray processors. As a matter of fact, the 45nm dual cores are said to be the ones that will most suffer from the price cuts.

Intel’s lowest 45nm Intel Core 2 processor, which has a core speed of 2.53 and comes with 3MB of L2 cache, is among the products that will come cheaper this summer. Along with it, the top E8500 model, as well as other Intel Core 2 Duo processors are expected to come with lower price tags even before the end of this month. These CPUs are targeted to the mid-range market which, in turn, means that most computer users will benefit from the rumored price cuts, if they do materialize.

So, if you are planning on acquiring a new computer system, or just on upgrading you current desktop rig to these 45nm-manufactured processors, then maybe the wisest thing to do would be to just wait a bit more. If all goes as rumored, you will end up with better technology for less the money. And, even if all of the above is not yet confirmed, the end of the month is just around the corner, as they say, and we will know soon enough.


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