BSNL Multiplay IPTV Set to Launch in Jaipur, Rajasthan

State-run telecom major BSNL is planning to start Multiplay IPTV in pink city shortly. According to BSNL officials in the city, the required equipments to set up multiplay infrastructure have already been installed.

Service is currently in testing phase, as commercial launch is expected to be in July month. apart from normal TV channels, television education, interactive courses, network games, TV to TV interaction, audio and video talk back and messaging are also on offer.

The BSNL multi-play broadband would require a set-top box called WICE (Window for infotainment, communication and entertainment), which costs Rs 3,950.

It can also be rented for a fixed monthly charge of Rs 100 along with a security deposit of Rs 1,500. It comes with a one-time installation charge of Rs 600 and other services and taxes as applicable.

Apart from Initial charges, the monthly service charges would be Rs.199/- for which is lot more cheaper than the present cable Tv subcription. Right now only 120channels would be given but more would be added soon.

It includes major channels of Star,Sony,Aaj Tak,NDTV,MTV etc. 14radio channels will also be offered. Full list can be seen here.

Multiplay is an extension of Triple-Play technology, meaning, running all sorts of services on the same medium. BSNL Multiplay aims to make your telephone wire carry multiple applications of voice, data and video through the BSNL Multiplay will strive to be your one stop solution for all your information, communication and entertainment needs.

A standard telephone installation consists of a pair of copper wires that the phone company installs in your home. The copper wires have lots of room for carrying more than your phone conversations – they are capable of handling a much greater bandwidth, or range of frequencies, than that demanded for voice. DSL exploits this extra capacity to carry information on the wire without disturbing the line’s ability to carry conversations. The entire plan is based on matching particular frequencies to specific tasks. So the same line can be made to carry voice, data and video without one interfering with the other.

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